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Schwab Rollrasen: Experte für den Reitplatzbau

Perfect riding grounds for decades: Welcome to Schwab Riding Arena Construction!

Special ground systems for every equestrian sport discipline and every facility

Riding arena construction and Schwab: A pair that is as perfect as horse and rider – and this is how it has been for more than 40 years. In the mid-70s we developed the three-layer structure for riding arenas. A revolutionary innovation that is still the state-of-the-art today, however it is certainly not the only product of our years of experience and competence in the area of riding arena construction.

With our 3-T system – consisting of bearing layer, separating layer and tread layer – for the first time a resistant riding ground that is functional over the long term could be prepared. Our Schwabengitter® Elastic, another in-house development is unsurpassed as separating layer. Today we offer custom and perfect ground systems for every equestrian sport discipline, extending to western riding and turf riding facilities.

Our long list of the best references includes major international shows and many well-known riding arenas. More information as to why the name of our family business, founded in 1969 is considered a byword for innovation, quality and service is provided on our Schwab Rolled Turf corporate page!

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