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Schwab Rollrasen: Experte für den Reitplatzbau

Top-class grounds for top-class horses

We know what is important

Our long-lasting experience has taught us what is important in dressage sport: Shock-absorbant, joint-gentle, extremely light gounds with a good grip which enable an outstanding riding feeling – such as forest grounds. Of course water drainage plays a major role regarding all-wheather grounds.

With our well-established Schwabengitter® construction, we can offer you exactly these properties. Onto a thin base layer, which provides an even drainage at the same time, patented Schwabengitter® Elastic is laid upon. Schwabengitter® Elastic is an extremely elastic grid for riding grounds, which separates base and treading layer in a very effective way, by doing this completely remaining waterpermeable towards the bottom which guarantees an extremely good water drainage.

By filling the grid chambers with course sand, lava or round-grained gravel drainage effect can be obtained. On top of Schwabengitter® Elastic a thin special treading layer mixture is applied, which can be produced according to your very special recquirements. Of course, we do use only environmental-friendly materials in constructing our ground systems.

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