Schwab Reitplatzbau

Beim Bau von Reitplätzensteht der Kundenwunsch an erster Stelle

Laying Instructions For Schwabengitter® Grounds

  • level the constructing ground with a gradient of 1 to 2 %
  • deposit 20cm crushed gravel/chippings without fine particles, level with a gradient of 1 to 1.5% and compress it
  • install and fix riding ground surroundings
  • lay Schwabengitter® Elastic, fill it with lava, course sand and round-grained gravel
  • apply a special treading layer mixture

Schwabengitter® grounds can be constructed both entirely by us and/or by a local company which is supervised by our skilled persons. Of course, you can lay Schwabengitter by your own and combine it with a treading layer of your own choice.

Western Grounds

Many different factors play a major role for the „functioning“ of the ground with respect to western grounds. We have been developing a sense for combining different materials by our more than 30 years lasting experience. These grounds can only be constructed by us due to particular procedures and material compositions.
Do not hesitate to contact us!

Turf Riding Grounds

Turf riding grounds are entirely constructed by us or supervised by us together with a sports grounds construction company. Implementation can occur both with turf roll or can be sowed. We always have turf grounds with particular riding grass mixtures as well as special seed mixtures in stock.

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