Schwab Reitplatzbau

Springplätze von Schwab Rollrasen mit Schwabengitter® Elastic

A non-slip ground provides safety

Precisely adapted for show jumping

Especially in show-jumping a non-slipping ground is of utmost importance. At the same time the ground should have a certain hardness without imparting strain onto the joints of the horse. Exactly these goals did we achieve by constructing Schwabengitter® Elastic and a treading layer mixture which is especially produced with respect to the demands of jumping sport.

The surface of Schwabengitter® Elastic shows a deepening at all crossing points. This imparts a laminated structure, which is extremely flexible and not only absorbs the tread of the horse but also ensures a maximum intersection of treading layer and grid, to the entire surface.

With respect to this construction, we are working with extremely thin treading layers for achieving an optimum riding comfort as well. It is to be understood that water drainage is to be achieved on a longterm basis concerning our grounds. Only if rider and horse feel absolutely secure, top performances can be obtained. And it is for top performances and innovations concerning gound construction that our name, Schwab, has been standing for many decades.

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