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Außenanlagen mit Schwabengitter von Schwab Rollrasen

Simply park on grass

The green parking area with Schwabengitter®

Are you not fed up with cobbling and asphalting? Would a green parking lot not be more attractive? Our well-established Schwabengitter® 2000 and Ontop makes this possible. This solution is at the same time even more cost-effective as every cobble layer.

Schwabengitter® 2000 is simply laid onto a gravel substructure, is then filled and sowed with a special turf mixture. It can be very easily laid by the extremely light weight of only 9 kg/qm2. This saves time and of course money. Of course, Schwabengitter? can be filled with fine gravel as well, if you do not wish a green area.

It is even easier with Schwabengitter Ontop. You can simply lay it on already existing turf areas or on newly sowed areas. A substructure is not necessary, if the ground can take the load of a car. Thus you remain flexible – you can extend, alter the area any time you like according to your wishes and recquirements.

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