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Special grasses for special requirements

If a rolled turf, then rolled turf from Schwab

Extreme shearing strength, resistance and water drainage are the criterias according to which our turf grounds are constructed. In doing this our longterm experience as an internationally known producer of turf is very useful.

We are producing turf-roll on an area of 280 ha in over 300 varieties of turf. Special grass cultivations for turf riding grounds with grasses that are deep growing to 150 cm. This ensures a robust turf which is characteristic for our riding turf.

Whether for show grounds, polo grounds, race courses or for all other sports – already hundreds of sport stadiums have been laid with Schwab turf-roll. With our jumbo roll that has a widthness of 2.20 m and a length of 25 m and which is unique world-wide, we can lay even great areas very fast and cost-effectively. However, we organise the entire construction as well and deliver special seeds for new areas and for further keeping.

The advantages are very obvious: excellent expertise and implementation and, of course, regular looking after. We offer you our expertise for your success in sports. Challenge us!

Riding Turf – Racetrack turf on sandy soil

Extremely deep-rooting, stiff, thick grass grain with high regenerative capacity. Root depth up to 100 cm, pre-trained with cleat rollers.

Use: Riding and jumping arenas, racetracks, polo grounds

Grass composition: 40 % Festuca arundinaceae, 30 % Lolium perenne, 30 % Poa pratensis

Turf quality: slow-growing, low wildflower grass, low-maintenance, visually appealing, multi-coloured flowering.

Growing soil: grown on porous sandy soils, fine-sand rich, pH-value 6.2 – 7


Sunny, partial shade

Fertiliser requirement

heavy, medium


Frequent cutting, gets by with less mowing



Installation Guide

Install it yourself

Ordering turf: Order the turf so that the delivery takes place when you are finished with your soil preparation. Factor in a loss of approximately 5% from cuttings. Remove the packing film immediately after the turf arrives, lay rolled turf, roll it out and then water. By lifting a section of turf, check whether both the turf and approx. 5 cm of the soil are moist.

Soil preparation before laying: Deeply aerate, finely cultivate, grade and pre-roll the installation surface, then add the base fertilisers with 50 g/m2 Schwab Rollrasendünger® and 50 g/m2 Schwab Bodenstarter®. Then perform a final grading with fertiliser gently worked into the upper soil layers and then roll again. The grade should be firm enough to walk on, which means you do not leave any prints where you walk.

Completely new: Rolled sod in sandwich structure

Immediate care after laying: Freshly laid rolled turf should be kept moist constantly for the first 2-3 weeks. By then, sufficient roots will have formed to be able to extract water from the ground. Water daily during dry and hot weather. Only water enough that the turf and 5 cm of the soil are moist, but you can still walk on the turf. With overcast or rainy weather you can reduce the watering accordingly. The first cut should take place 5 – 8 days after laying. You can reduce the watering after growth (after 2 – 4 weeks). That means you should water 1 – 2 times per week with dry, sunny weather and with 15 – 20 litres per m2. You can purchase rain gauges and our water bug for garden watering from our online shop.

Read here for additional care tips.

Technical data

Manual installation:

Roll dimensions: Weight per roll: Pallets:
60 cm small roll: 0.58×1.78m 1m² ca. 15-20kg on large pallet (120x120cm) for every 50m²
40 cm small roll: 0.40×2.50m 1m² ca. 15-20kg on large pallet (120x120cm) for every 50m²

Machine installation:

60 cm medium roll dimensions 0.60 x approx. 16 m: We hire out manual or motor-driven installation equipment: Manual installation device per day: € 25 / Motor-driven installation device per day: € 50. Loosely loaded on disposable paper tubes. We charge € 1 per paper tube (no returns accepted). Weight per roll approx. 200 – 250 kg; loading on Euro pallets on request (3 rolls per Euro pallet).

120 cm large roll dimensions 1,20 x approx. 16 m:
 We perform the installation for you with large installation machines that are gentle on the soil. Price on request. Loosely loaded on disposable paper tubes. We charge € 2 per paper tube (no returns accepted). Weight per roll approx. 400 – 500 kg.

220 cm jump roll dimensions 22.20 x 25 m:
 We perform the installation for you with large installation machines that are gentle on the soil. Price on request. Weight per roll approx. 1.5 t.

Our installation service:

We would be happy to install your turf for any size area from private gardens to sport fields. On request, we also offer the services for old grass removal and fine grading. Give us a call.

Old grass removal: For this purpose, you can hire a turf cutter for € 95/day to remove your old grass on your own. On larger surfaces and sport fields, we cultivate the soil without special cultivators. The removal takes place with dumpers that are gentle on the soil. Request our quotation.

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