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Mud never again: Systematic paddock grounds

Schwabengitter® Paddock is the solution

Whether it is about paddocks, paddock access ways, riding paths – when the weather is bad, it is the same problem everywhere. Horses sink in mud and dirt. But this is over now! With our Schwabengitter® Paddock, which was developed especially to meet the recquirements of your horses, these problems belong to the past now.

The viscous-elastic Schwabengitter® Paddock, by the way it offers the same elasticity as a dark horse hoof, is applied on a thin layer of gravel, is then filled with coarse sand, lava or fine gravel and ready is your paddock. If recquired, it can be constructed without gravel ground as well or an additional thin sand layer can be applied.

Of course, we share with you our expertise if special problems occur. Paddocks can be constructed both entirely by our skilled persons and by your own, whereas we guarantee for a fast installment by the easy rapid fastening system and the parallel and integrated circular joints for ballancing tensions or strains.

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