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From complete execution of construction work to pure material delivery

Our service – tailored to your requirements

In all areas of riding arena construction, Schwab offers you service that is aligned to your special desires and requirements – from complete execution of construction work to pure material delivery. Contact us! We will prepare a custom quotation for you.

Our services in the three-layer structure

  • For all of our systems we offer the site management, even if you only purchase the material from us.
  • The scope can be individually agreed as desired by the customer, starting with surveying and levelling, extending to material selection and even the tasks themselves.
  • You can contract with us for the complete construction tasks, or execute the construction tasks on your own. Or you can have us execute partial areas and do the rest yourself.
  • With our special laser graders, we guarantee bearing layer and tread layer installations with a height accuracy of +/- 1 cm.
  • We deliver of arena borders of larch wood sleepers that are extremely weather-resistant.
  •  Combined with our special ground anchors a long-lasting and visually appealing enclosure is finished in a very short time.
  • We deliver tread layer mixtures to the building site ready-mixed, and adapted to your requirements – for the entire arena or only for replenishment.
  • On request, we will even grade your arena prior to and during shows or events, so that an optimal layer thickness and evenness are ensured.
  • A competent team is at your side in word and deed, on site or via telephone, during the entire construction period.

Our services for turf riding arenas

  • We build complete turf riding arenas for you; we take over the construction supervision together with a sport facility construction firm.
  • Execution is possible with rolled turf as well as seed.
  • We always have rolled turf lawns with special riding grass mixtures, as well as special seed mixes in stock.
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