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We work with nature, not against it: We stand for sustainability

Schwabengitter® and riding arena grounds: 100% recyclable

The entire manner of work and production in our company is oriented to principles of ecology and sustainability. This not only applies for the ground preparation and care, but naturally it also applies for the materials we use: Our innovative Schwabengitter® as well as grounds and tread coverings.

Sustainable products: Schwabengitter® Elastic and Paddock

  • Schwabengitter® is made 100 % of special homogenous and UV resistant high-pressure polyethylene.
  • The material is absolutely environmentally neutral: It is obtained through recycling and it can be completely recycled.
  • Thus Schwabengitter® is also suitable for water preserve areas.
  • A green Schwabengitter® area of approx. 250 qm produces the oxygen required for a family of 4 to breathe.
  • Schwabengitter® does not heat up as much as concrete. Since the chambers are open at the bottom over the entire surface, an especially good root penetration of the subsurface is achieved.
  • Thanks to the extremely thin partitions, more than 90% of the surface remains uncovered and the surface seepage of rainwater is ensured. This is particularly important in cities for counteracting soil sealing, offloading the sewer system, and for increasing oxygen production.
  • Schwabengitter® is the most cost-effective method for paving a green area, with simultaneous high quality and long service life. Thus economical sustainability is also ensured.

In all that we do, we do not work against nature, rather we make nature our ally. This also applies for production of rolled turf. Learn more in this regard!

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