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Western grounds require a lot of sensitivity

Ground system with a high level of adaptability

Grounds for cutting and reining could not make a greater difference. Constructing western grounds recquires a lot of experience and sensitivity for the use of individual materials.

We have been developing a ground system that can be adapted to all disciplines of western sport. During the course of a longterm developing period and a lot of sensitivity with regard to choosing the materials and their integration into the construction process, we have found special construction clays and granulates, which come up to a far extent to the grounds which are to be found in the native country of western sport, the United States of America.

Western grounds are constructed according to your recquirements with our expertise and are looked after in order to remain hoof-gentle and competitive. You can convince yourself of the quality of our grounds at the „Pferdezentrum“, horse centre, in Kreuth near Amberg, Germany, where numerous national and international championships are held and our grounds are standing the test.

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